It can be difficult to fit driving lessons around our busy lives, especially if you want to use an instructor at Andy1st driving lessons who is very popular or has a lot of students in similar circumstances for you. If you work for example and can only take lessons in the evening, you probably won’t be able to take an intensive driving course. In this case weekly lessons would be better when you can choose a time to suit you.

Weekly lessons are also very easy to budget for. You pay for them over time as you take them, and for people on a budget this is a very attractive option. It also means that you can get lots of your own practice in. If you’re not a fan of driving with an instructor, or if you have a friend or family member who is willing to take you out, you can get a lot of driving practice in without having to take lots of lessons.

Intensive driving courses are good for people who can set aside several weeks to devote to the project. Because you’re always driving or practising theory, you might find that you learn a lot quicker rather than forgetting things in between lessons. Because of this, the overall cost might be cheaper than taking weekly lessons.

Of course, the overall process of learning to drive takes a far shorter time. It could be weeks instead of months with weekly lessons. If you’d like to learn to drive quickly and get it over with, then an intensive course is certainly for you.