The keyword is to be alert but relaxed while driving since angry and tense drivers are the most unsafe drivers on the roads. Driving lessons at Andy1st driving lessons help you learn the best techniques and habits of safe driving. What makes your driving school a smart choice is when you learn good and safe driving habits that help you lifelong. Just knowing on how to parallel park and pass in the test is not the highlight of your driving skills but being a good driver who practice safe driving is what counts.

Driving instructors should be conscious to teach safe driving lessons to all ages and stages. For example, teens, adults, seniors, nervous drivers, rash drivers, etc. Since the rules of the road change periodically, adults can be given refresher lessons on safe driving and road laws.

Some of the main arenas where safe driving lessons have to be practiced are:

Driving Long Distances:  Different people have different levels of stamina and reflexes, so there are no fixed distances or durations that can be fixed. It is better to have frequent stops to keep the drivers in top condition. Most of the accidents occur while people fall asleep so driving far distances in a single day is a bad idea. If you find yourself dozing off at the wheel it is imperative to stop the vehicle and take a quick nap.

Drinking and Driving: Driving school instructors really instill in their learners the most important lesson and that is to not drink and drive. The number of people who are killed because of drunk drivers is shockingly high. Even if you are going to a bar to drink please see to that there is someone who is not under the influence of alcohol to drive you back home.

A new ingenious idea is catching up like wild fire and that is a ‘ride home service’. This service is popping up in big cities and they are indeed a valuable service. An employee of the establishment will drive you home and you need to just pay the bill. You are home safely, your car reaches safely and you are saved from getting a ticket for drunken driving too.